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Works by Tom Burckhardt, Becca Lowry, and Ruth Hiller

Open now through April 2, 2016

FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery 1064 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

Becca Lowry


“These pieces are built to protect. They are shields, force fields, and talismans, each custom-made to safeguard against a particular threat: One will ward off an impending storm, another will scatter daemons, a third will hold tight to your heart while you do something ridiculously, recklessly brave. These shields tend not to be combative – the pointy edges are more like the decorative fringe of a rug than they are the point of a spear. I think, instead, they’re meant to hold a person up, to bolster strength and resolution in a moment of great uncertainty. And then, when the coast is most certainly clear, they are meant to be hung, quietly, carefully, back on the wall.” – Becca Lowry


Lowry received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Smith College in North Hampton, MA. Becca’s work has been exhibited throughout New England and can be found in many prestigious private collections. Lowry’s work will be exhibited at this years VOLTA NY, March 2 – 6th.

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 Tom Burckhardt


In a recent statement, Tom Burckhardt describes his work, “At my core I am an abstractionist, but one who has some inherent distrust of its historical elitism and lack of humor. I think I have always tried to find ways to infuse it with a sense of it’s own absurdity, and poke some fun at it while showing my affection for it’s strength and ambition. I’ve also felt the need to resist a sense of purism and find ways of including elements of figuration, although often bleeding them of their literal realism to find an accommodation of the two spheres. In my “Cast” paintings I’m interested in creating a kind of false beginning, for the paintings with the support being fashioned as a faux sculpture. Once the inherent “quality” of paintings is reduced I feel the space has been cleared for me to invest my personal sense of integrity and attitude into the works. In these pieces I have cast all of the supports in plastic. I consider this good-natured humiliation a great place to start, almost like embedding doubt in the physical material of the support, and from this point the paintings proceed in a very abstract-intuitive way.”


Burckhardt received his BFA from the State University of New York in addition to attending Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. Tom has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and has been awarded many prestigious awards including the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, the Guggenheim Foundation Grant, The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, and many more. Burckhardt’s most recent exhibitions have been featured in The New York Times and Hyperalergic.

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Ruth Hiller


“I am obsessed with mass production, technology and industry. How do I reconcile these things that overwhelm and excite me?

Living in nature, as well as in an urban environment, have compelled me to create work that appears plastic, tactile and machine made with hints of my surroundings. The visual conversation between the paint and forms culminates in my softly linear objects– evocative of industry and nature.”

Ruth Hiller received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CT. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States. Hiller has been awarded residencies and many prestigious awards.