Join us for the Opening Reception TONIGHT from 6-8pm, exhibiting new works by Loren Myhre and Peter Ramon. The new exhibition also features new pieces by Alteronce Gumby and Steven Powers. The show reflects an interesting juxtaposition of mediums while also incorporating movement through organic forms and a vibrant color palette.


Peter Ramon describes his paintings as,”…abstract, informed by nature, comprised of memory, sideways glances, fleeting thoughts… and unrelated meanderings. Like most artists I draw upon life experience, nature and the world around me. The tools I use, the approaches I take, have mostly to do with how I interpret those things at that  particular time.” Ramon’s approach is evident in this exhibition not only through his variation in scale, but also in his compositional structure. His use of abstraction, color, and layering forms convey the feeling of these fleeting moments he describes through his process.


Loren Myhre talks about his inspirations for his work through past experiences with nature. He writes, “I grew up with a father who is a gardener and horticulturalist. We had many greenhouses on our property and at a very early age, I would assist him in the nursery with transplanting a wide variety of plants and flowers. Working in the greenhouses presented a wordless world of possibility and freedom. The greenhouse existed as this laboratory for the cultivation of beauty that could exist apart from understanding or explanation. Being inundated with the beauty and magic of that creative labor has carried over to how I give attention to works of art. The poet Theodore Roethke is quoted as saying that his interpretation of the greenhouse, “is the symbol for the whole of life, a womb, a heaven on earth.” His quote resonates strongly within me. I believe that the making of art is the restorative process of bringing a form of “heaven to earth”. My work is a hybrid that feels equally rooted in this world and yet having been born from another. I find joy infusing in works of art notions of familiarity with passages of complete ambiguity. Objects that possess the ability of feeling particularized while slipping into free associative passages of poetry and profundity.”


Loren Myhre’s work expresses these ideologies of “ambiguity” versus “familiarity” through his contrast of industrial materials with organic forms in his sculptural pieces. Whereas his paintings tackle the similar subject matter, but through the juxtaposition in line quality, form, and color in a two dimensional format.


See you there!  🙂

Posted by Alexa Fleischer-Cerino