Our current exhibition titled, “Recent Work” features the paintings of Emilia Dubicki, Becky Yazdan, and mixed media on photographs by Aspasia Anos. In the project space, we are exhibiting work by Ewelina Bochenska and Danny Huff. This exhibition is open now through August 5th.

In the Studio with Emilia Dubicki


“I am always tying up and then deciding to depart.”

Frank O’Hara, To the Harbormaster

Local artist Emilia Dubicki recently wrote, that her paintings “are a negotiation between external and internal landscapes and visions.”  Her palette largely consists of rich saturated blues, warm and cool blacks and whites, greys, and an occasional splash of brilliant cadmium red. With large gestural motions, drips, and a stark contrast of light and dark, Emilia captures and embraces the raw emotional moments in which “one vision blurs, retreats, drips and gives way to another” as her “memories rewind and fast forward.”


ED: For me painting is about asking questions, questions that can’t always be put into words and may not have immediate answers. Ultimately, the art has to be about seeking the truth. From white spaces something emerges – another question, another painting. In the paintings there is calm and space to ruminate and other times more movement and energy. Each painting is a stop toward a greater destination and a negotiation between external and internal landscapes and visions. Sometimes the memory isn’t so clear as to what was or wasn’t there, what did or didn’t happen.


ED: In this current body of work, the paintings reference one another. I’m addressing what it is to be of a place that is real and imagined, a place whose weight is on the soul’s shoulders and can’t be shrugged off. The feeling is more gift than burden. The journey continues and leaving is returning.


Emilia’s work has been exhibited both nationally as well as internationally. Her work was recently featured in Art New England Magazine and at New York City’s Holiday House. She has been awarded residencies from the I-Park Foundation, The Vermont Studio Center, and the Wurlitzer Foundation.